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Each year we celebrate our Independence Day as a tribute to this spirit of freedom, and to the courage and sacrifices made by countless men and women. It is entirely due to their actions that we live as free people who enjoy natural legal rights and exercise our electoral mandate, thereby participating in the administration of our country. The unfurling of the national flag by the Prime Minister of India from the ramparts of the historic Red Fort and the accompanying 21 gun salute is the highpoint of every Independence Day. As the Prime Minister delivers a stately speech, millions tune in through their television sets looking towards the head of our government for direction.

So when our PM speaks of the need for hygiene and sanitation in his Independence Day speech, millions of children and adults become foot soldiers of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. When it is the turn for a Make In India call, the industries gear up for a massive overhaul — ready to service the manufacturing needs of the world.

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When the matter of national security is addressed, lakhs of young men and women orient themselves to enlist in the armed forces. Independence Day is a celebration of the freedoms that we enjoy — of thought, action, speech, movement, and mandate. While Delhi is certainly at the heart of national level celebrations, state capitals are not far behind.

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This is a reminder of what we have achieved and what values we enshrine. It teaches our children and inspires our youth. We owe our very existence, and our cherished freedom, to the martyrs who have given up their lives in the service of the nation. We owe our undying gratitude to the armed forces personnel who guard us day and night at the cost of their own happiness, wellbeing, and safety.

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This year as we celebrate the nation, its sovereignty, the tricolour, and its leaders — Mahatma Gandhi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Tilak, Gokhale, Ambedkar, Bhagat Singh and others, let us look back at the hardships they overcame, and inculcate their values to take the nation ahead on a path of glorious progress and development. And let our nation, its security, and the sanctity of its freedom be our guiding light in this noble endeavour.

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They had joined Quit India Movement of Gandhi ji in , regulated protests and planned to raise the Indian flag on the roof of the Siwan Police Station. When they were marching towards them, the police opened fire. Phulendu was hit and fell to the ground.

Her husband died, when Tara came back but she continued to support the freedom struggle. Nobody knows her by her name but she played an important role in the freedom struggle as the mother of Ram Prasad Bismil. Ram Prasad was a revolutionary involved in the famous Mainpuri Conspiracy case of and the Kakori Conspiracy of In Gorakhpur Jail on 19 Dec he was arrested and hanged.

Moolmati, was a simple woman, supported and helped her son in his struggle for freedom.

1. Rani Lakshmi Bai

Also, went to Gorakhpur jail to see her son before his hanging. Ram Prasad broke down on seeing his mother who remained unmoved. She was firm in her response and told him that she was proud to have a son like him. Without her unstinting support and belief in the freedom struggle, Ram Prasad Bismil might not have had the resolve to pursue the path he had chosen.

In fact, she was in charge of establishing and leading the Rani of Jhansi Regiment, comprising women soldiers.

She became the first woman from India to be arrested by the British government for her active role as a patriotic leader. She was a remarkable person, who was endearingly referred as a social reformer, fearless and committed freedom fighter, improved the socio- economic conditions of women in India, also revived and promoted handicrafts and theatre.

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Also participated in Gandhi ji salt Satyagraha of For Legislative Assembly she was the first woman candidate. She was the queen of the princely state Kittur in Karnataka but yet to gain recognition across the country for her efforts during the Independence struggle. The resistance ended in her giving up her life for the nation. Her valour proves to be an inspiration to women even today.

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Sucheta Kriplani was a Gandhian, Indian freedom fighter and politician. School Board. Current Affairs.