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Introductions are usually % of the length of an a typical essay. Readers gain their first impressions of a paper from this section, so an effective introduction is.

The sole power of the House of Lords is to delay bills becoming a law. The Law Lords sit as the highest court of appeal in England. The House of Commons carries out the bulk of parliamentary work. Each MP represents one of the constituencies into which the UK is divided. Commons has a maximum term of 5 years, at the end of which a general election must be held. However, a general election can be called in the Government at any time. There are rules, regulations, principles and procedures for the running of the country - but there is no formal document that could be called the Constitution of the United Kingdom or which can be appealed to as the highest law of the land.

However, there are three distinctive features that have influenced Britain's social and political institutions and that may be called the basis of the political system: statue law, common law and conventions. They also deal with the electoral system the Representation of the People Acts and with the composition of the Parliament. Other acts relate to the monarchy, or are concerned with civil liberties the Habeas Corpus Act.

Conventions are basically rules that have developed during the centuries or may have come into existence only recently. Some conventions are far more important than most of the statues or common laws.

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So it is a convention, that says that there must be a prime minister or a cabinet. The term "the government" can be used to refer to all politicians who have been appointed by the monarch to help run government departments or to take on various other special responsibilities, such as managing the activities of the parliament. The other meaning of the term "the government" refers only to the most powerful of these politicians, namely the Prime Minister and other members of the cabinet.

In other words, all members of the government belong to the same political party. The habit of single-party government has helped to established the tradition known as collective responsibility. That is, every member of the government, however junior, shares the responsibility for every policy made by the government.

All important decisions are made by the Government. It consists of about members who usually belong to one of the Houses of Parliament. The highest members of the Government about 20 are known as the Cabinet. The cabinet started in the eighteenth century as an informal grouping of important ministers and officials of the royal household. The Government was run by the Privy Council, a body of hundred and more people - including those belonging to "the cabinet" - directly responsible to the monarch.

In the twentieth century, the cabinet has itself become more and more "official" and publicly recognised and much of the real decision-making takes place in the cabinet. The cabinet meets once a week and takes decisions about new policies, the implementation of existing policies and the running of the various government departments. The members of the Cabinet are chosen by the Prime Minister and may or may not have a government department under them.

Although the Queen appears to have a great deal of power, in reality she has very little. The Prime Minister, on the other hand, appears not to have much power but in reality has a very great deal indeed. Today the Governments power is concentrated in the hand of the Prime Minister, who at the same time is the leader of his party. He is the head of the government and has a seat in the Commons. Among other responsibilities, he recommends a number of appointments to the sovereign, including senior clergy of the Church of England.

In Britain local government authorities - generally known as "councils" - only have power because the central government has given them powers. Indeed they only exist because the central government allows them to exist. The system of local government is very similar to the system of national government.

There are elected representatives, called councillors - the equivalent of MPs.

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Here are a couple of examples: While there is a common belief that ……. The morality of atheists and theists. Even though atheists do not have an instruction of good behavior provided by the superior beings, they are not less moral than theists. They have their own moral compass and laws established by society to differentiate good deeds from the bad ones. Testing drugs on animals is the sacrifice we have to make.

The greatest value we have is a human life. If testing a new drug on a cute little rabbit could result in saving your mother or father from a terminal illness, then this is the sacrifice we need to make. Animal testing can lead to our healthier future, less incurable diseases, and more saved lives. Getting a university diploma is necessary. Even though there are some examples of successful people without a college degree, everybody should go through this stage of self-development. The years in college give you knowledge, improve your soft skills, and connect you with other bright people who can help you get to the top in the future.

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Personal information on the web should have a legislative basis. Landing on the Moon is a fake. Despite the presence of a documentary video of landing on the Moon, it should be recognized as the biggest fraud. The details of the video and the fact that we still have not made a come back there after more than 40 years indicate that it could not be filmed on the Moon surface. Parents monitoring their children internet use is the right thing. While there is a lot of useful and educational information on the internet, parents should regulate the internet use of their children.

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Children get distracted, spend more time on harmful web sites, and avoid social interaction. Money as a motivation for good grades is an option. The approach of encouraging the children to get good grades by paying them can be a model of the real world situation. If you work hard and get good results, you will get paid accordingly.

This way of encouragement is acceptable and can be used by parents. The line between exaggeration and lies in advertising. There are not enough regulatory norms to make the modern advertisement less deceiving.

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If we introduce more rigid rules to advertising, there will be less disappointed customers. Space missions should not be a priority. We spend billions of dollars on developing the strategies of Mars colonization while there are millions of people suffering from famine here, on our planet. It would be more beneficial to spend more on saving people in Africa from starvation and water shortages than sending someone to a distant planet.

Unfair salary rates of doctors. In the world where human life is the biggest value, doctors should get the highest salary rates, not actors and singers. They save lives, deprive us of physical pain, and have to spend years of studying and practicing to be able to do that.

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  6. Euthanasia should be legalized. The right of life is given to every person and we are free to take decisions we consider to be right. Homeschooling is effective.

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    Homeschooling is an effective way of educating children as it gives an opportunity to focus on personal strength and weaknesses, make emphasis on the particular subjects a child has an interest in, and adapt the studying approach to the most convenient for a child. Diets are just waste of time. Multiple cases show that all the diets have a short-term effect on the body. Diets are ineffective because people start gaining weight once they stop and the organism goes through an unnecessary stress.

    A significant decrease in the production of tobacco products will lead to the minimization of demand on it as the price will get higher, the supply will decrease and people will not be able to buy it.

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    Reverse discrimination at the workplace is a problem. The fear of being punished for the discrimination of ethnical minorities at the workplace leads to the discrimination of the rest of the population. There should be a law that balances out this inequality. Redistribution of money spent on the space programs is needed. The government should not spend money on the search for new exoplanets as it has no practical value for people on Earth.

    Instead, they should focus on asteroid mining projects to be able to get the vital resources after they are all used on our planet and survive.