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The quality of space and privacy is dear to me and other patients I believe. Surprisingly, I noticed that the healthcare facility was crowded and dirty. The spaces between beds were too small that it could not accommodate the visitors appropriately. Other restrictions observed include lack control over the lighting and noise made by the visitors.

Another barrier noted during this experience is cultural and language barriers. From my knowledge, no assessment was done, they did not ask about my values or beliefs. In fact, the staff seemed distance and disinterested. To deliver quality care, the healthcare providers must appreciate the fact that culture plays an important role on the patient outcomes. Culture is complex as it includes shared beliefs, values, traditions and in some cases language.

Each encounter with a patient is an opportunity to learn about another different culture and to understand the cultural aspects that should be integrated into the patient care plan Weaver et al.

Your Essential Guide to Gibbs Reflective Cycle

Patients have high expectations whenever they access healthcare. From my experience, the healthcare staff in healthcare facility lack clinical professionalism and particular imperative clinical skills. They need to polish their cultural competence to improve their focus on nursing care. This is because of organizational culture, as well as its staff attitudes plays a vital role in delivering of care. Therefore, effective and quality care starts with the staff because spot checks and regulations cannot mitigate poor care Hatah et al.

Also, patients need to talk openly about the nursing care they receive. I should have voiced my opinion to the relevant authorities. Respect and dignity are some of the core healthcare professional values. The healthcare staffs are expected to comply with the patients and to understand their needs, priorities, and abilities. Some of the action plans that can be adopted by the healthcare facility include undertaking refresher training on how to engage patients in their care plans. This includes introducing themselves by their names during their first encounter as it helps to create a good rapport between the patient and the healthcare providers Huisman et al.

Reflective Essay Nursing Using Gibbs

To improve communication between the healthcare providers and patients, the healthcare staff should undergo training so that they can understand the importance of addressing the patients respectfully and to remain culturally competent. Also, the administration needs to understand the importance of developing a healing environment. Human dignity and confidentiality are also important aspects for each patient. In my opinion, the healthcare facility that I attended needs a transformational leadership so that they can focus on patient healing and establish culture excellence.

Therefore, they must develop appropriate structures, healthcare processes as well as resources that stimulate and support the healing process using deliberate positive relationships, shared decision making as well as person-centered care planning. The healthcare organizations should learn to prioritize and optimize the well-being of their patients Spring et al. Therefore, healing process is operationalized by the environment.

The healing relationship is established deliberately and calls for skillful communication and attention to the clinical relationships Sakallaris et al. Another critical skill important for healing process is trust. Trust develops slowly and is a consequence of respect, integrity, and kindness. To inspire trust, it requires congruency between personal morals and the healthcare disciplinary or professional ethics. Social support is also important in improving patient well-being.

However, the healthcare providers need to establish the limit on the number of people visiting patients at a time.

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle Explained

This will help create a healing environment and reduce cross infections incidents. Also, overcrowding in the ward also influences the sanitary conditions of the ward as it makes it difficult to maintain hygiene or cleanness and about lighting and spread of contagious infections. Another common issue presented with poor healing environments includes unnecessary noises that are dangerous to the patients. It disrupts a piece of mind and may cause increased agitation Erenler et al.

From this experience, I also learned that culture greatly influences health. Culture refers to the pattern of ideas or behaviors shared by certain group of people in the society. Culture is diverse and continuously evolving, but their evolution rate varies from culture to culture Hatah et al. When in a foreign country, cultural shock occurs and the struggle between cultures and in balancing between understanding the new cultural values and respecting their own.

For instance, I found the hospital staff cold and unfriendly. I later came to learn that not looking directly in the eyes when talking to another person is a sign of respect. Also, they are not unfriendly but that how they present themselves to people that they respect. Evidently, the influence of culture on patient outcome is vast.

Increasing awareness of cultural values helps the healthcare providers to negotiate the differences and to incorporate them during diagnosis as well as a treatment plan. The recognition of patient strong beliefs and incorporating them in healthcare improves patients trust and their satisfaction. Developing care plans for more ethnically and diverse populations should include cultural competence.

What is the Gibbs Reflective Cycle?

Healthcare practice is a continuous process that is based on relevant physician knowledge and appreciation of cultural influences that affect care Hatah et al. This experience was frustrating and distressing but very informative. Healthcare providers should be trained to augment their ability to care for the diverse society.

The healthcare practice is a lifelong learning process, and health care providers must learn to integrate new culture into their care plan. Also, it is important to improve knowledge on the principles of holistic care and that of a healing environment. Erenler, A. Turkish Journal of Emergency Medicine , 14 2 , 59— Hatah, E. The influence of cultural and religious orientations on social support and its potential impact on medication adherence.

Patient Preference and Adherence , 9 , — Health Academy. Teaching reflective writing. Huisman, E. Healing environment: A review of the impact of physical environmental factors on users. Building and Environment , 58 , Iwelunmor, J. Framing the impact of culture on health: a systematic review of the PEN-3 cultural model and its application in public health research and interventions.

Medeiros, A. Escola Anna Nery , 19 3 , Neck C. Due to her having been admitted because of a fall, she was considered high risk for falls, so it was deemed necessary, where possible, to have one member of staff with her at all times to ensure that her safety was not compromised.

Getting started with Reflective Practice

There were other incidents and challenging behaviours with Mrs Smith, but I have chosen to focus on the situation where she was distressed about the absence of her husband as it was such a fundamental issue for her and a focus for her dementia, therefore a huge challenge for me as a student nurse in knowing how to properly respond. I introduced myself to Mrs Smith and sat with her in her room. It became apparent to me quite quickly that she was obviously very confused and she was not fully aware that she was in a hospital, as she repeatedly asked me where she was. On being told she was in hospital she would say no and shake her head.

I declined from telling Mrs Smith that her husband was no longer alive on the advice of my mentor and other staff, who told me that hearing this may have confused and upset her even more.

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Mrs Smith was upset on hearing that her husband would not be collecting her that day, became tearful and began walking around the ward looking for him and calling his name out. I walked beside Mrs Smith and attempted to diffuse the situation by trying to persuade her to come back to her room and offering her drinks, both of which she refused. I could see that Mrs Smith was tiring from the walking around and she eventually returned with me to her room.